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All corals are 100% aqua-cultured. My expertise lies in Zoanthids and Palythoa, with over 100+ distinct species and a growing.

I am dedicated to providing the best service and communication. My purpose is not solely to sell corals, but to educate others and continually learn.

My services are available to wholesalers and I offer bulk deals to reef clubs and organizations. WYSIWYG Corals and Assorted Coral Packs are both available from me.
In-store pickup is a welcome option, and I have Fast Overnight Shipping and Two-day options as needed.

Frags are healed in my system for a period of 6-8 weeks before being shipped out. Unless otherwise specified.
Please make sure to explore my Species Library page, Blog, and Policies at the bottom of the page.

I am looking forward to working with you! Thank you for exploring CCREEF!

The website is still in development, so please keep an eye out for any new features that may become available.

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  • Fauna Marin ICP Lab

    Fauna Marin ICP Lab

    I'm actually sharing Fauna Marin Lab ICP Test page. I am a huge believer in having an ICP test done. Located in Germany I personally feel like they offer a great service to any reef hobbyist around the world. And I feel they are respected
  • Drilling Aquariums

    Drilling Aquariums

    I had four holes to drill in each tank so a total of 12 holes. I made a template out of 3/4' Plywood scrap shelving I had left over. Nothing fancy. I cut it 46" or so enough to fit the length of the aquarium in between the plastic trim. The