Drilling Aquariums
Drilling A TemplateAll Holes In TemplateFinished Product

I had four holes to drill in each tank so a total of 12 holes. I made a template out of 3/4' Plywood scrap shelving I had left over. Nothing fancy. I cut it 46" or so enough to fit the length of the aquarium in between the plastic trim. The Plywood was a perfect fit! I drilled out the holes exactly where I wanted my plumbing to be in the plywood. I used the drilled holes and used my diamond drill bit hole saw and used it as a guide. To cut my holes in my glass using the diamond hole saw. I just drilled them very slowly took me about 15 minutes per hole. The slower the better and the better the hole will look when finished. Meaning nice and smooth no cracks or chips no splinters. I used a water hose and slowly pour water on top the glass. I didn't crack any glass and the holes came out perfect. While I was at it I painted the bottom glass pane and back glass pane black. ******Safety note I used electrical tape and taped my extension cord prongs together to make sure no water would get in. As the water just drained /poured out onto the concrete. ****

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