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I'm actually sharing Fauna Marin Lab ICP Test page. I am a huge believer in having an ICP test done. Located in Germany I personally feel like they offer a great service to any reef hobbyist around the world. And I feel they are respected and are trustworthy. Well worth the money!

If you haven't had an ICP test done I suggest you do. Especially if you are having trouble keeping a particular fish or coral alive. Even if you don't feel that you have any problems. Its a good practice to send an occasional test off to ensure your hypothesis are correct.

Product Details SIMPLE, FAST AND PRECISE Fauna Marin Sea Water Research Lab Reef ICP TEST The Fauna Marin Basic ICP Test gives a quick and easy overview of 37 water values in reef-aquariums. From macroelements to trace elements and pollutants, you get a complete overview with corresponding dosage and action recommendations. The Fauna Marin ICP Test is a pure Reef ICP test:     Pure Reef ICP Test     Fast, inexpensive and highly accurate     Easy sampling and shipping     Extremely fast laboratory analysis with real high performance emission spectrometers (ICP-OES)     Individual dosage and action recommendations     for all those who need a quick overview of their water values     Basic test for 37 parameters in seawater The following macro and trace elements are measured: Sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron, iodine, sulphur, phosphate, phosphorus, silicon, manganese, lithium, molybdenum, iron, bromine, chromium, cobalt, beryllium, vanadium, zinc, antimony, copper, barium, selenium, cadmium, tin, aluminium, titanium, nickel, scandium, zirconium, silver, tungsten, lanthanum, arsenic, mercury. After placing an order, you will receive your analysis kit for the water samples. Each SLR ICP test set will include a peelable sticker with a sample number to identify your sample. They are adhered to the sample vessels for identification. The sample number is your unique laboratory number. It simplifies queries and is used to securely assign your samples. After a few days, you will get the results of your samples and the dosing recommendations via email. IMPORTANT: Questions about the results of your water analysis?  These will be answered in our Fauna Marin FORUM !

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