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We have all experienced or witnessed a situation like this. I acknowledge that things come up and we tend to overspend as human beings. Unless it's related to their health or safety, someone should stay committed when they make a commitment.

One example. 

A customer just placed a custom or specific order. The seller spent hours fragging as requested because the order was quite large. It's clear that healing time is necessary and extra room is needed for a larger group of frag plugs. Three to four weeks later, the frags will be ready to be shipped. During that time, there are numerous messages being exchanged between the buyer and the seller. At the last minute, there were changes and substitutions from one coral to another.
Sending pictures and clarifying the details, while also determining a potential ship date that is largely determined by weather conditions. All of this is being accomplished through texting, emailing, and talking. In the meantime, we all have our families, our jobs, and our own lives. Both parties have reached a consensus that the shipping label is ready to print. The heat packs and supplies are all set to begin packing.
Upon receiving a last-minute text or call from the customer requesting a cancellation request for their order.  On or before the expected shipped date that was determined from both parties. The seller's tank is full of frags that he or she may have not fragged after hours of labor. The relocation and search for homes for these frags requires more labor.

As a result, I have created two distinct forms of credit; both are dealt with differently.

I'm referring to this scenario as Cancellation Credit. It's important to take into account everyone's time.

What constitutes a cancellation credit?

I will give you a refund of 70% of your balance if you cancel within 36 hours or 1.5 days. The remaining 30% can only be used as a cancellation credit when or if you choose to order at a later time.

Within 6 months from the date of the 70% refund, the cancellation credit must be used. I am not a bank representative. I cannot be held reliable if your credit is not used. Or if you don't receive any notification about your expiring Cancellation Credit.
It's your responsibility to keep track of Store Cancellation Credits on your own.


Questions that may be asked?

If it's necessary, could I ask for a different ship date instead of cancelling my order?
If I am contacted before the 36 hours or 1.5 days beforehand, yes. I am willing to delay shipments by up to a week. The length of time can be extended if it's related to the weather.


What will happen to my Cancellation Credit if I don't use it within the 6 Months?

Your credit will either be retained or donated due to the trouble, aggravation, and time. CCREEF is the one who will make the decision.

Is it possible to place future orders if I cancelled a previous order and it has been longer than 6 months?
Orders can be placed by anyone. It's important to give each other a second chance at times. Expectations are something we all have, and there are times when we may be disappointed. In my view, great communication is essential in this area. This is the time to be transparent and honest about your happiness and dissatisfaction.


What constitutes Store Credit?

Store credit can be redeemed at any time, up to a year after the original transaction date. In the event that the website fails to offer a discount during checkout. If you're interested in using your credit, please inform me.
I will make an effort to personally monitor store credit for all customers. Store credit will be granted to you to help with shipping fees or any other necessary expenses.
Customers will receive store credit for a variety of different reasons. These reasons may encompass but are not restricted to the following
Throughout the year, money is given out as gifts.

                     Your birthdays

                     Special Holidays

                     When a post is shared by someone.

                     When store news feeds are shared with another website, such as Facebook, R2R, Twitter, or Instagram.

                     Upon receiving feedback or a recommendation, it will be given out.

                     This type of credit will also be given for problems with DOA or packages.

                     The flexibility of store credit requires both parties to compromise and work together.

                     It's conceivable that there are many more.