Corals, fish, and invertebrates are living organisms that are expensive and susceptible to stress.

I am confident that the resource I have provided will help you compare your system to mine. Understanding the parameters in which the corals were originally grown can help you make acclimation less stressful.

My monthly ICP results from Fauna Marin will be provided to you. If you're interested in knowing my history of other ICP tests. I intend to include them in my blog section.

To give you a basic understanding of my water chemistry, please use my test results, as a base line. It's important to note that my next result may take up to 6 weeks to be uploaded.

Furthermore, I began to dose all trace elements that appear on the Fauna Marin ICP test. My objective is to maintain their recommended targets for my system. My system is performing well, I thought, what could it hurt?

I intend to share any findings, such as growth patterns, coloration, and polyp size, with you on my blog.

I have plans to carry the Fauna Marin ICP test and their product line.