Please review the Terms and Conditions Policy.


Refund Policy

The buyer must contact CCREEF with your name and shipping address as shown on the order number.
To qualify the buyer must text or email me no later than 36 hours / 1.5 days before the determined shipped date.


Full Refund
Customers, will receive, a full refund regarding any item that is purchased but not shipped assuming
the 36-hour / 1.5 days are followed.
I start pulling items and preparing online orders 24 hours ahead of the ship date.
Please note I do not bag or seal the items they are moved from their original location in the system to make processing easier.
They are in the same water and same system. This ensures little stress and better efficiency.


Partial Refund
If I receive a message requesting to cancel less than 36hours / 1.5 days, then I will refund 70% of the balance.
The remaining 30% will be used only in the form as Store Cancelation Credit when or if you choose to order later.


Expiring Cancelation Credits
Cancelation Credits must be used within 6 months of the original purchase. I am not a bank. I cannot be held reliable, if your credit isn't used.
Or if you don't receive a notification regarding your expiring Cancelation Credit. Cancelation Credits are something that you must keep track of on your own.
If greater than 6 months, I will dissolve the credit and or donate it. – CCREEF will decide to whom the donation is sent.


No Refunds
Because the nature of what CCREEF sells are living animals / plants.
Once shipped there are no refunds for any LIVE items including but not limited too. Fish, Corals, Inverts, Echinoderms or any Aquatic Plant, Animal or any Species I have not listed.
Due to the additional stress from shipping. And the overall condition of the species may not make it if packaged is returned to sender.
If an issue arises once you receive your package, then Store Credit may be issued once all facts are collected.


In the event of DOA Please refer to my Dead-on Arrival - (DOA) / Live Arrival Guarantee page.

Pre-Shipping / Holding Policy.
Corals, fish, and invertebrates can become stressed, may not fully open, and may suffer from disease, leading to death. This can occur within a few hours due to their sensitivity nature. If this unfortunate event occurs and I come to the conclusion that it's not worth the risk. I'll reach out to you to inquire about your interest in replacing or substituting it with a different item. In the event that the buyer chooses or does not want a substitution. A 100% refund will be given to the merchant who paid for the order. Refunds are usually processed within 24-36 hours, and may be longer. This is protection for the buyer who recently purchased an item until the next available ship date. I have no intention of holding purchased items for longer than a week unless it's due to inclement weather or the next ship out date. If I am holding items more than 1 week It will be based on case by case.

Store Credit
Also Note: Store Credit is different from an item being canceled. Which I’ll refer to it as Cancelation Credit. Please refer to the Credit Page to understand the difference in both credits.


Agreement Between Seller
If a buyer purchases a living species such as Fish, Corals, Inverts, Echinoderms or any Aquatic Plant or any other Species that I haven’t listed.
The buyer must agree to follow all advice/request that I ask…  These requests may include but not limited too.

As an Induvial
•             Being completely Open, Honest and Trustworthy. – Please share your concerns, what you liked, why CCREEF did or didn’t meet your expectations. This is the time for feedback.

•             Be courteous, considerate, and professional

•             Treat all parties with respect.

CCREEF Standards
•             Follows all CCREEF acclimating and floating procedures

•             Follows directions for placement of corals.

•             Agrees to submit or upload photos in a timely manner.

•             Agrees to be present and prompt at the time of the package arriving.

•             Buyer updates CCREEF within 2-hours on timestamp on the tracking number. Picture if needed.

•             Agrees to communicate and keep me updated as frequently as possible.

•             If asked a detailed list of tanks, the setup, # of gallons, equipment used and maturity /age.

•             Provides full tank parameters when requested and brands of the test used.  Those include but not limited to:

·         Alkalinity

·         Calcium

·         Magnesium

·         Phosphate

·         Nitrate

·         Ammonia

·         Nitrite

·         PH



Involving Shipping

•             No matter the reason, never refuse a delivery. Always accept the package!

•             If box is crushed or seams split open, I must have detailed pictures of entire box and Label.

•             Agrees that I’m not liable for any delays due to shipping. Or any “Act of God events”

•             Agrees that I’m not responsible if buyer wavers the option to have items delivered to a residence versus store pickup.
              And because of their choice if the contents of the package are exposed to Bad Weather Conditions, Delays, Low or High Temps I’m not responsible.

•             I cannot be held responsible for any destination challenges such as events / fairs and road closers. Any abrupt weather changes once I shipped the package its literally out of my hands.
               Please stay updated to what’s going on in your area or around your surrounding state.


  • Tornado hit Arkansas and Oklahoma I’m not going to try to ship a package to Texas. I’ll wait a week to give emergency personal’s time to clear the roads.
    This cannot be the sole responsibility of the seller.


Water Test Agreement
It doesn’t matter with your skill level we have all faced challenges, and there will always be challenges in this hobby. In the event of you losing an item or are seeking help.
I may ask you to send me a water sample or have your water sample shipped out to be tested.
I may even send you an ICP test to send out to be completely sure of the situation and we must rule out your water parameters.

Please note I understand mistakes/neglect happens. It may be an accident, it could be something leaching, a chemical or electrical hazards.
Don’t worry, I will help you determine the root cause and will figure out the best course of action.
All I ask is to please do not be frustrated/ aggravated. A lot of the corals I sell can be replaced easily.  I would rather you lose a few corals then your whole system.

Standard Test
Agrees if requested to mail a cup of water for further testing. (Buyer is responsible for additional shipping cost ($5-$15)

Agrees to have LAB GRADE ICP Test Preformed (Buyer responsible for additional shipping cost of test usually ($25-$50)
 This could take 2-3 weeks of processing until results are back. A closer analysis would determine whether the issue from lack of maintenance / negligence. And if Store Credit would be offered.


Abiding / Adherence
If the purchaser or the intended recipient’s does not abide by these conditions, then any Live Arrival Guarantee is cancelled and void and absolutely no refunds and or credits will be given.
This includes the buyer trying to report or claim their purchase as fraud/scam through the Merchant or Merchants used to pay for the order.
In a last-minute effort to recover your funds. Remember you have received your items it's on us to be responsible human beings and do your due diligence to care for these living items.  
If you don’t provide the care they need, I cannot be held reliable and I cannot help you.


If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact me.


Email Address: [email protected]


Effective as of January 01,2023