This page is intended as an additional resource.

Corals are fragged in batches, and I wait One to Two months or longer before they are available for sale. When they are available, they will be fully healed and what I would actually call a premium coral frag or small colony. 

This ensures time needed for most plugs to be covered in coralline algae. It raises the survival rates dramatically. And it also allows for greater errors and stresses that the coral may endure vs what would normally kill or severely weaken a coral.

As I finish fragging the batch, I’ll plan to take pictures and post them to this page. And as they heal, I will add pictures and updates.

I plan to include details such as cut date and include dates with the most recent picture.


This will allow an individual time to plan and budget as needed. If you are interested in a particular item, it will only be made available through the website only. 
Please do not try to message us and ask to hold it for you. 

You are more than welcome to sign up for CCREEF Mailing List and receive notifications as corals are available. I will determine the release date of the frags and when they are available for sale on my page.

All items are 100% aqua-cultured not Mari-cultured.  As time passes, I’m planning on having multiple batches listed at once.