Wholesale is available to anyone interested across the United States.

Frags can be cut and healed in between 6 weeks and 6 months. Your market needs will determine this.
For instance, you may desire 2000 corals shipped twice annually that have fully grown out on larger tiles or disks. To be offered as 2"-3" colonies for sale. 
This request can be easily accommodated by me. A contract and a partial down payment will be necessary between me and the store.

If this is sounds good to you. Please register for wholesale as instructed. Once you have registered, I'll unlock key features of this website and allow you to start ordering at wholesale prices.

If requested, it may be necessary for you to demonstrate proof, upload or provide legal documents and or pictures.
Proof may include but is not limited to. 


Business License / Sales Certificate

EIN Number,

Non-Taxable Exempt Number

Pictures of your operation with time stamp.

I am willing to accept these entities.




Aquaculture Facility,

A store that specializes in Saltwater

Has a physical location,

If you offer a service, such as aquarium maintenance or a service company,

Manages a website with the appropriate licenses. For instance, an online e-commerce store or vendor.

Wholesale orders require a minimum of $500.00. Shipping will be extra.
My plan is to offer discounts that are based on the size of the order, volume of the store, and purchase history.


Corals can either be purchased in packs or WYSIWYG listings on this website.
My proficiency lies in managing coral shipments. I have the ability to ship up to 2000 corals per shipment.

I look forward to working with your business and raising the bar to the next level.